West starts betting on opponents of Western values in Russia – Pinchuk

29.05.2023 20:56
  (Moscow time) 
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Western intelligence services began to work without direct contact with promising, in their opinion, Russian politicians

The former head of the DNR MGB Andrei Pinchuk wrote about it in his Telegram channel, the PolitNavigator correspondent reports.

In the American intelligence community, in addition to the traditional agent of influence (agent of influence) and the widespread category of “sympathizers in the Russian power structures and elite strata after the start of the SSO, a separate category of “promising” – “promising”, having the potential to grow or maintain influence, working with whom is carried out without direct contact with intelligence agencies, but aimed at indirectly promoting the strengthening of opportunities,” Pinchuk writes.

According to him, this circle also includes formally ideological opponents of Western values, “whose enhancement increases domestic antagonism and destructiveness, or the maintenance of a comfortable status quo.”

Support measures include manipulation of sanctions, material resources in Western jurisdictions, work with entourage and relatives and promotion of business interests. However, the main priority remains ‘operational games’ with the authorities and their entourage,” the former DNR MGB chief continues.

He claims that a “significant number of representatives of the Russian elite are currently in contact with external emissaries.”

For Russia’s top leadership, such contacts are often presented as behind-the-scenes and self-sacrificing work in Russia’s interests to circumvent sanctions and find allies in the West. Supporting countries are Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon, Malaysia, Ireland and India. The U.S., British, French, Japanese and German intelligence fields are overwhelmed by such contacts because of their abundance and capacity,” Pinchuk warns.

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