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NATO summit ended in failure for Tikhanovskaia

The photo of sad and lonely Zelensky, who got nothing at the NATO summit, has already become a meme. Tikhanovskaya was not so expressive, but for her, too, her presence at the forum was disappointing. Initially, it was reported that the fugitive Belarusian oppositionist would speak at one of the round tables of the NATO…

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“Not agreed with Ukraine!”: Zakarpattya banned from talking about handing over prisoners to Hungary

Budapest officially confirmed the report of the Russian Orthodox Church on the transfer of eleven Ukrainian prisoners of war from Transcarpathia to Hungary. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry also confirmed it, without even formally thanking Hungary for the release of their fellow citizens. At the same time, the authorities and the media of the Transcarpathian region…

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How the Cossacks defended Bakhmut. The feat of the “Siberia” squad

Alexei Selivanov, official representative of the Consolidated Cossack Brigade “Don”. Someone will say that the feats of the past are imaginary. That there is no such thing. That people can’t rush under tanks with grenades. That they are afraid to stand under a hail of shells against a tenfold superior enemy. That no one will…

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Russia’s big win: Syria finally breaks the blockade

Last Sunday, the Arab League foreign ministers meeting in Cairo decided to restore Syria to the association. This Wednesday, the heads of diplomatic departments of Iran, Turkey, Syria and Russia met in Moscow to discuss the restoration of the full territorial integrity of the republic. European broadcaster Euronews was forced to cite Sameh Shoukry, Egypt’s…

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The Katyn shooting is a grandiose anti-Russian fabrication

  April marks exactly eighty years since Nazi Germany, with the support of the Polish government in exile, organized one of the most notorious anti-Soviet provocations, accusing Moscow of shooting Polish officers near Smolensk. The execution of Poles in Kozi Gory, near the Katyn Forest, was carried out by the Nazis themselves, as documented in…

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82-year-old teacher was fired for “Tchaikovsky in Russian” in Odessa

Recently, the chief conductor of the Odessa Opera House Vyacheslav Chernukho-Volich was dismissed in Odessa for a photo with Yusif Eyvazov, the husband of Anna Netrebko, who supports special military operation. The conductor immediately confessed his love for Ukraine and said that he would not play music by Russian composers and cooperate with Russian artists.…

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Will the Ukrainian punishers be officials in the new Russian territories?

The beginning of the information week brought the name Igor Lysenko popularity on the entire politicized Internet. It was him, a former veteran of the punitive operation in the Donbass, who was allegedly supposed to be appointed adviser to the governor of the Zaporozhye region Balitsky on military-patriotic education This news, spread by blogs and…

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Ukrainians encountered resistance in Bulgaria

Despite the claims of the Western media, which reported that “Bulgaria has expressed its readiness to donate its flotilla of MiG-29 fighters to Ukraine,” this information does not correspond to reality. This was noticed by Bulgarian President Rumen Radev on the sidelines of the parliament, according to PolitNavigator. If we had offered Bulgarian MiG-29 fighters,…

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